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Saggyboots Sullivan

Leading but not necessarily in the right direction.

List of Charges

-Shaving profanity into livestock
-Shooting a Scotsman in the leg with a bow and arrow
-On a Sunday
-And then lying about it

Saggyboots Sullivan's career in illicit activities began young, shaving profane language on royal colonial livestock. This drew the ire of government when a paper published the headline, "Colonial Governor Eats 'Bawdy Lewdster'". From that Sullivan earned an arrest warrant and the governor, a new nickname. After sailing with other crews, how he came to captain the crew Bone & String is unknown, especially if you ask them.

Kevin "Saggyboots" Sullivan has been a performer all his life, first performing as "Baby Jesus". The road from Lord and Savior to piracy has included Shakespeare, musical theater. historical re-enactment, vocal recitals, a few bands, work as a singer/songwriter and a stint as Dora the Explorer.

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