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Whale Research

Cornelius Fletcher

Wee Small Cabin Boy
The swabbiest of them all.

List of Charges

-Inaccurate use of the poop deck and inciting a riot
-Wearing hot-pink pantaloons on a Sunday after midday
-Posing as the voice of God and telling inappropriate knock-knock jokes

Wee small cabin boy Cornelius Fletcher is a mystery to the crew. His alternative use of certain areas of the ship lead the crew to assume animals raised the lad, or else he was just raised in a barn. Previously the ship's mast, no one can seem to decide if his new position as cabin boy is a step up or down. Metaphorically. We all know it was a literal step down.

With a degree in vocal performance from Salisbury University, Cornelius is a choir teacher in Calvert County, employing his love of music, experience in performance and sense of humor to guide students through their vocal endeavors and into piracy. Kidding!

(...or am I?)

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