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Emilia Greene

Speaks English as well as her first language: sarcasm.

List of Charges
-Putting glue in a judge's wig
-Slapping a countess
-Sarcasm (two counts)
-Attempting to steal the crown jewels to replace them with a sombrero
-Keeping a lunatic without a licence

Emilia Greene claims to know from a very young age that she was not like the other, proper, demure, and obedient little girls around her. She has, from her earliest memories, paid no mind to those who wish to control her actions. In fact her parents often recount the small mental breakdown of one of Emilia's tutors in front of the school house after a yearlong debate on how to properly write the letter "O." As she grew older her sassy/sarcastic attitude were intimidating to some, but those who got to know her knew that she does mean no harm, unless you do. Her tolerance for disrespect hit an all-time low when a particularly snobby Countess thought that it would be acceptable to mock Emilia for living with her beloved lunatic without a license. Some say the slap mark on the Countess' face can still be seen in certain light. After that, Emilia and her lunatic appeared with Bone & String. Emilia took up the post as bosun and works alongside her lunatic who is among the crew (many have speculated-none have dared to question).

Emily Sullivan has been a performer most of her life as a singer and enjoys being the sarcastic/sassy one of the crew.