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Pirate Flag
Whale Research

Charles Johnson

First Mate
Not allowed near large sea mammals.

List of Charges

-Penning slanderous reviews of local fiction authors and making them cry.
-Singing off key that one time in the Carolinas
-Opening an umbrella suddenly and scaring a gentleman's horse
-Defiling a beached whale

Charles Johnson's career is shrouded in mystery, including speculation of an unfortunate incident with a beached whale in Scotland. What became of him after that is a history that, most likely, he fabricated himself. Claiming to have personally known the most famous pirates, Johnson has boasted of it in and outside of the prisons that can't seem to hold him for more than a few months at a time. Hearing that a new pirate crew was about to launch, Johnson wasted no time in drawing up a resume based on the lives of those he claimed to know and was invited aboard. The crew has rolled their eyes ever since.

Benjamin "Charles" Krause has been performing on stage and writing fiction from his earliest school days. He has performed on various stages in and around Calvert County for well over a decade, and enjoys playing pirates and villains the best. The author of four books seeking publication, he loves sharing his passions for writing, singing, history, and theater with others.

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